Palmer, Erik

Erik Palmer

Erik Palmer Consulting

Erik Palmer is an educational consultant from Denver. Prior to becoming a consultant, he had a successful career in the commodity brokerage business. He managed a commodity brokerage office, was the national sales leader for a large commodity trading firm, and was a floor trader on a Chicago exchange. Palmer moved into education and spent 21 years as a classroom teacher. He was a teacher of the year in one of the nation’s top school districts. Palmer is an internationally acclaimed educational speaker. He has given keynotes and led trainings for educators across the US and around the world. Palmer’s most recent book is Own Any Occasion (ATD Press, 2017) and he has also written Well-Spoken: Teaching Speaking to All Students (Stenhouse Publishers, 2011), Digitally Speaking: How to Improve Student Presentations with Technology (Stenhouse Publishers, 2012), Teaching the Core Skills of Listening & Speaking (ASCD, 2014), Researching in a Digital World (ASCD, 2015), and Good Thinking: Teaching Argument, Persuasion, and Reasoning (Stenhouse Publishers, 2016). He is a program consultant for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Collections and Journeys language arts programs. As a consultant, Palmer focuses on sharing practical, engaging ways to develop oral communication skills. He works with individuals seeking to become better speakers as well as with Fortune 500 companies. Whether training staff directly or developing courses for companies wanting to improve employee communication skills, Palmer’s framework for understanding and mastering oral communication leads to improved speaking skills for all speaking situations: formal or informal, small audience or large, in-person or digital. His work has been described as practical, enlightening, energetic, eye-opening, creative, and fun. His unique background brings a unique perspective into consulting as well as a passion for making training relevant and fun. Palmer’s educational background includes Oberlin College, University of Denver Law School, and the University of Colorado. He lives in Aurora, Colorado with his wife, Anne. When he is not working as a speaker or writer, he spends time golfing, playing baseball, cycling, and enjoying grandkids.