Tynan, Katy

Katy Tynan

Founder and Chief Talent Strategist
Liteskip Consulting Group

Katy Tynan is the bestselling author of practical guides to career transitions, and an internationally recognized expert on how work is evolving. In a world where 70 percent of employees are disengaged, Katy helps organizations understand how management practices are evolving and how to create an inspiring, engaging culture. Over her 20-year career in technology and business strategy consulting, Katy has advised hundreds of organizations on how to develop an engaging, inclusive culture. Katy is the founder and Chief Talent Strategist at the Liteskip Consulting Group. She is a regular contributor to the American Management Association and ATD blogs, and her expertise has been featured in Harvard Business Review, as well as many other major publications. Katy is the author of Survive Your Promotion, and her most recent book How Did I Not See This Coming: A New Manager's Guide to Avoiding Total Disaster.