Byham, Tacy

Tacy Byham

Development Dimensions International (DDI)

Tacy M. Byham is passionate about empowering leaders to declare their true worth and ignite their impact in the workplace, from the start of their careers all the way to the C-suite. She is CEO of Development Dimensions International (DDI), an award-winning global leadership consultancy that helps the world’s most successful companies transform the way they select, develop, and accelerate leaders. Tacy is an energetic and thought-provoking presenter on topics such as innovation, midlevel leadership, mentoring, and the benefits of gender diversity. Her writing has been featured in Fast Company, The Conference Board Review, TD, and The ASTD Leadership Handbook; her new book, Your First Leadership Job, co-authored with Rich Wellins, was released in 2015 to excellent reviews. Tacy is enthusiastic about mentoring and other issues facing working women. She is a member of The Conference Board’s Leadership Council on Advancing Women in the Workplace.