SU219 - Engaging Storytelling Techniques to Captivate Every Audience

Sun, May 06 | 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM | Room: 32

Have you ever watched an audience grapple with relating your content to their own experiences? Have you struggled to capture their attention, engage their minds, or even earn their trust? As instructional designers and trainers, we have one immediate goal: Connect with learners. Connections are at the heart of learning transfer, and a critical component of learning application. How do you create that connection? That's where storytelling comes in! Storytelling is an incredible strategy for building authentic connections between you and your learners. This session will provide a road map to help you craft your own captivating stories; you'll also apply the road map as you create your own story in real time. We'll talk about the science of storytelling, how to select the right story for your training, and how to effortlessly integrate stories into instructor-led, e-learning, and virtual sessions.

Application on the Job:
Identify optimal opportunities to integrate stories into training content.
Craft compelling stories that form connections between the facilitator and the learner.

Type: New ATD Speaker

Tracks: Training Delivery

Learning Approaches: Experiential/Interactive Learning

Topics: Engagement, Storytelling

Target Audiences: Designer, Facilitator/Trainer

Session Services: NOT Recorded


Hubka, Stephanie

Hubka, Stephanie

Managing Partner

Protos Learning