W104 - Emotional Intelligence as a Leadership Predictor

Wed, May 09 | 8:15 AM - 9:30 AM | Room: Ballroom 20A

Organizations with emotionally intelligent leaders and team members result in success for all. Studies have found that EQ (emotional intelligence) is a required competency for leaders to be effective. EQ is also the number one predictor of professional success and personal excellence, and it can have a compelling effect on organizational profitability and performance. What is emotional intelligence, and is it something that can be developed? This session will provide an overview of EQ and the role it can play in building a powerful leadership team and improving operational efficiency. It will also include an introduction to the brain science behind the theory of emotional intelligence, as well as tips and strategies for developing required competencies. Join this session to learn about the importance of building the business case for growing emotionally intelligent leaders.

Application on the Job:
Explore your ability to identify, understand, and manage your emotions as well as those of others.
Become more aware of how your body's physical changes act as an indicator of emotional distress.
Manage yourself in a proactive manner to be more effective in your role.
Discover the compelling effect our level of EQ has on our ability to be a leader and build strong leadership within our organizations.

Type: New ATD Speaker

Tracks: Leadership Development

Learning Approaches: Experiential/Interactive Learning

Topics: Developing Leadership Skills and Competencies, Developing Leadership Skills and Competencies: Emotional Intelligence

Target Audiences: Director/Manager, Internal Practitioner

Session Services: Interpreted Session, NOT Recorded

Handout(s): Presentation


Allen, Rita

Allen, Rita


Rita B. Allen Associates