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About Iridize

Iridize is the leading global training and support solution for enterprise web products. Iridize features contextualized in-product guidance with engaging walkthroughs that match a specific user's needs when they need them .

Iridize helps you

  • ​Train new employees
  • Reduce ongoing support costs
  • Quicken product adoption
  • Increase user engagement
  • Lower change management costs

Iridize is ideal for SaaS onboarding, change management, sales & employee training and user engagement.

Businesses adding organizational systems such as CRM, ERP, LMS and HRM can set up a self-help process with Iridize to train and support employees.  If user adoption must be fast-tracked, and employee performance is essential, Iridize helps you meet your goals with the least cost in time and effort.

Iridize is code free and reduces the need to engage expensive, corporate resources.

Iridize's customer base includes leading (Fortune 500) firms and start-ups, governmental organizations and educational institutions. 



Product Categories (3)
  • Enterprise Learning Solutions
  • Product Training
  • Sales Training